Road to Caranusca (2012) - Fiddler's Daughter (2010)

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Road to Caranusca

I first met the group "Sligo" when they kindly offered me a lift in their van to Nantes airport. As we made the drive of a few hours we spoke about all kinds of things but especially music. I was intrigued by the fact that these people were fascinated by the music of a country not their own, Ireland, and had named their group after a place to which I have many connections, Sligo. When I listened to their recordings it was easy to see, from their interesting choice of tunes and their unique arrangements, that they had a great love and affection for Irish music and had spent countless hours researching and developing their repertoire. I hope you enjoy their music as much as I do.

I wish "Sligo" every success in the future and, once again, thanks for the lift!

(Kevin Burke, fiddler - March 2012)

Sligo is the name of a city and of a county in Eire from where famous musicians such as Michael COLEMAN or Kevin BURKE (who forewords this album by the way!) originate. It's also the name of a band from Lorraine created in 2008, that consists of Yann CAROFF (guitar), Clémence RICOCHON (fiddle), Marino LEONE (bodhran), Axelle COLOMBO (fiddle), Marie-Hélène CAROFF (tin whistle), Jean-Gérard LOESCHER (electric bass) and that plays... Irish music !

After a first album widely noticed (The Fiddler’s Daughter. 2010), SLIGO is offering us a second mostly instrumental album bearing an evocative title (the road leading to Caranusca, « Stone and Water » in Celtic language, creates an imaginary trail that links the home region Lorraine of the memebrs of the band to the to the country mentioned). Several dance tunes from the tradition (reels, jigs, slip-jigs, polka) can be heard but also originals from Clémence RICOCHON (Under the Storm, co-written with Yann CAROFF, Bitter Sweet Jig, Cathy’s Garden, Cantering to Inishmor). Four songs performed by Marie-Hélène and Yann complements this pleasant to listen opus, at the same time respectful of the tradition and open to other sounds like jazz or flamenco..

Frantz-Minh Raimbourg - Ethnotempos - January 2014.

Road to Caranusca is available on the Web site by clicking on any of the Paypal links hereunder, or directly at the end of the concerts for 10 euros.

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